Rush is an experience for those who are interested in joining greek life. UNC alpha Kappa Delta Phi provides two weeks of events for rushees to get to know the sisters and vice versa. It is non-committal and rushees are free to come and go as they please. We encourage those who are unsure about greek life to come out to a rush event and meet the sisters!

Rush Spring 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is roughly equivalent to a 4 credit hour class. This time includes learning about the sorority, sisterhood activities, and getting to know the sisters and the new class.

How will this affect my academics?

Joining a sorority is a commitment on top of academics. We provide services such as study rooms on a daily basis and have a academic chair position whose main goal is to make sure sisters are on track and focusing on their academics. We also hold academic workshops and other career building workshops and presentations. Being able to balance a sorority and academics is a skill that can and likely will be learned!

What are the dues?

Our dues range per semester, but average $300. We recognize financial needs and offer different payment plans that can be set up with our treasurer to work with you as well as a scholarship fund that our alumnae association is currently building. We believe dues should never be a limiting factor but should rather be looked at as an investment in your future success as a person and professional.

Do you haze?

We do not condone hazing and have a ZERO tolerance policy for hazing.

What if I’m not the “sorority type”?

Greek life has many stereotypes and stigmas, and even most of our sisters had preconceived notions of sororities before joining. After meeting the plethora of diverse girls in aKDPhi, they realized they were misinformed. There is ALWAYS a place for you and we pride ourselves in our individuality.