About Us

Mission Statement

The sisterhood of alpha Kappa Delta Phi provides women with a sense of belonging that nurtures life-long friendships, develops self-empowered leaders, and strengthens communities through service, scholarship, and Asian-Awareness.


National History

alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established in the fall of 1989 at the University of California Berkeley. Fourteen founding sisters, Betty Chu, Karin Co, Susan Kim, Nancy Lee, Sherri Leung, Annie Loo, Belinda Ma, Anita Ng, Serene Ngin, Fannie Pon, Josie Sun, Daisy Wu, Jill Yoshimura, and Reina Yuan, worked to create an opportunity for to Asian-American women to forge sisterhood, develop leadership, promote scholarship, and foster Asian-American Awareness within their communities.

Chapter History

In the fall of 1995, Carol Chen, Joyce Chu, Jenny Hsieh, Chetali Kuber, Trinh Le, Tina Wu, and Wendy Yang brought an Asian American sorority to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to enhance Asian Awareness and strengthen the voice of Asian American women. With great heart and dedication, they watched their long-awaited dreams become a reality. alpha Kappa Delta Phi pre-associate status was granted on November 26, 1995. Through the magical traditions of love and friendship that characterized the sorority itself, the seven women of the Charter Class became active sisters of UNC alpha Kappa Delta Phi on March 16, 1996.

UNC alpha Kappa Delta Phi Charter Class of 1995

Core Values


We strive to lead with compassion. We understand empathy, service, and appreciation of others begins with loving ourselves.


We strive to build community. We believe friendship and collaboration provide opportunities to experience the fullness of the human experience.


We strive to be role-models for ourselves, our sisters and in our communities. We believe in honesty, transparency, and consistency. We carry ourselves with dignity, reliability, and respect for others.


We strive to take action and live intentionally. We believe purpose makes a difference and fulfillment comes from showing up everyday and making deliberate decisions towards our pursuit of goals.


We strive to be courageous in our vulnerability and to encourage and support our sisters in their journey of self-discovery. We believe true belonging happens when we express our authentic and imperfect selves to the world.

Our Philanthropy

The mission of alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is three-fold:

  1. To raise funds on a national level to contribute to a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer.
  2. To dedicate at least one Service Event per chapter/colony to Breast Cancer Awareness in October.
  3. To develop a comprehensive page on our national website that provides links to breast cancer resources.

Since 1999, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. has been in the fight against breast cancer. Each year, our organization joins the fight by raising awareness and funds for breast health and cancer research. We have donated over $950,000 to help millions of women and their families fight and end breast cancer. In 2018, we raised $97,202 through the efforts of our 50 chapters and over 6000 sisters. 2018 marked the first year of the philanthropic arm of the alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Foundation. This foundation and the sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi will donate the proceeds of our fundraising efforts to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to support research.

Charity Ball

Charity Ball is our chapter’s biggest philanthropy event. It takes place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The Charity Ball consists of guest speakers, performances, and dinner. All proceeds go to alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Foundation to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, treatment, support services, and research.

BCA Charity Ball 2023