“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

Inspired by the James Bond series, “Skyfall” symbolizes making a lasting stand together against disastrous situations when outnumbered. The pandemic, along with numerous other challenges, continues to persist throughout 2022. However, through the sisterhood of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, we find the strength needed to overcome difficulties, support one another through hardships, and continuously make a change in our community. The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi emulate secret agents- charming, intelligent, alluring, and with sound minds and strong spirits. We chose skyfall seeking driven, passionate, and ambitious women of heart who want to pursue their dreams. Whether it be becoming future CEO’s, doctors, or artists- whatever the path- we provide opportunities for you to grow and gain the confidence needed to succeed. We strive for inclusivity and diversity, where girls can find their place at UNC and beyond. There is no reason any of us should have to fight alone; our sisterhood is here to empower you to be your best self. Let the skyfall, and as it crumbles, we will stand tall together. Red carpet, board games, mocktails galore, you will find everything you need to embrace your inner James Bond during this semester’s Rush Week. Hope to see you out there!