What is Rush?

Rush is a time for girls to come out and learn more about our sorority: anyone can go to our events and have fun while meeting and getting to know the sisters. After all, we’re Asian-interest, not Asian exclusive!
Attending these events should be very beneficial for anyone who is interested or curious in understanding what aKDPhi or Greek life is about. All rush events are laid-back, informative, fun, and last but not least, FREE! There is also no obligation to join.


Will the New Member Process affect my grades?

Taking part in our new member process is a serious decision and one that does require time commitment.  As with any commitment, proper time management can be very beneficial and can also ease the stress of balancing extracurricular activities with school. The sisters of aKDPhi understand that as a college student, one’s academics are of primary importance. After all we didn’t come to college for the sole purpose of Greek life. Therefore, we have an Academic Chair who monitors the academic performance of our new members and of our active sisters.
Long story short, it really depends on your study habits and time management skills; Think of the new member process as a 3 credit class. It’s definitely manageable.

What if I’m not the “sorority type”?

This is a widespread stereotype of Greek organizations. Therefore, we understand that as a sorority, there may be misconceptions about our activities. We do hold various social functions and enjoy a good time, but we also realize that there are appropriate times for play and appropriate times for work. The purpose of our sorority is to promote Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Asian awareness in our community and University.
Yes, we do go to parties just like any other college student, but we’re much more than just that. We hold functions for our national philanthropy, fulfill semester service requirements, hold movie screenings, host workshops and much more! Many of our sisters are also leaders in other student organizations on campus.

​We never encourage our members to smoke or drink. The core of our foundation as an organization is the bond of sisterhood that we share and not the love of a good party. It is an individual’s personal choice. We also firmly do not believe in putting a sister in an environment she is not comfortable with. Therefore, we never pressure sisters to attend parties, drink or participate in any other activities against their will. 

If you join a Greek organization, are you paying for friends?

Nothing is further from the truth. You cannot just pay and be a member; our letters are very important to us because they signify the hard work, effort, sacrifice, love and friendship each sister present and past has given to our organization to be such a success. During your time serving as a new member and an active, you learn many things, such as leadership, sacrifice, and love. You build a bond with all the girls in the sorority that you can never break, and, even if you don’t pay them, they will still be your sisters for life.

Is it ok if I’m not ——— ?

alpha Kappa Delta Phi does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender-identity, or disability. We are an Asian-interest sorority, NOT Asian-exclusive. alpha Kappa Delta Phi takes pride in having diverse, culturally-aware sisters in our sorority, so there is no “type” of person that we look for or cater to. Our sisters are diverse and there is a place for everyone and anyone who wishes to become a part of our everlasting sisterhood. “In alpha Kappa Delta Phi, we believe in encouraging the growth of our members through the expression of individuality, and with this measure, how a sister chooses to identify will not impact their membership in the sorority.”

Have more questions?

Shoot a message to any one of our sisters or come to a rush event! We will try to respond as soon as possible.  Remember that Rush is commitment free, so don’t feel pressured to do anything that you are not comfortable with!